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Looks Like I Made It! or What’s This Earthing Stuff

So, after a near-fatal horsing accident, several surgeries and a few black box warnings later, JESUS has been faithful to His word, and here I am back again thanks to God’s intervention.

Cut to the quick, what is this earthing stuff?

It’s not mother earth (Al Gore’s favorite goddess), but it is implementing God’s creativity to achieve electrical homeostasis with the earth.  According to the National Institute of Health website, grounding yourself to the earth at night results in an array of hormonal and mineral adjustments that appear to have a net positive effect.

I compare earthing to pulling out a splinter, or applying the Biblical poultice. Pragmatically speaking, it’s done me wonders.  So has going barefoot, which is a biomechanical, not an earth mother, issue.

So, Christians, ground yourself in the Word and in the ground.  The first will feed you and the second will adjust your electrical self.

In closing, I’ve found the wiccan earthing movement, the commercialized quasi-spiritualized earthing ideology, to be associated with the UN sponsored “mindful meditation” movement, which even some Christians are unfortunately embracing.  Doctrines of devils aren’t just a Pauline day dream.

God bless, it’s good to be back.


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