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What’s With This Healing Stuff?


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 “We are not so smart as He is dumb.”

And Jesus said unto him, Go thy way; thy faith hath made thee whole. And immediately he received his sight, and followed Jesus in the way.  Mark 10:52 KJV                                                                                                    
There came also a multitude out of the cities round about unto Jerusalem, bringing sick folks, and them which were vexed with unclean spirits: and they were healed every one.  Acts 5:16 KJV                                                          
…in earth, as it is in heaven.  Matthew 6:10 KJV
  • As a result of a severe head injuries received in a car accident, I suffered progressive blindness over several years.  It was determined that brain lesions were the cause.  Of course, I prayed and had many other people praying for me.  As the blindess progressed to the point where I could no longer work, I felt like a yo-yo regarding faith.  One day I just knew that I would be healed, the next I would despair that God would ever answer my prayer.  I never let go of Jesus’ promise, even in the darkest time, but the frustration and struggle were overwhelming.  After about three years of this progressive affliction and after just having lost a job due to blindness, I woke up one fine morning and could see perfectly, no more blindness.  I thanked God for His faithfulness and shared such a wonderful healing with those around me.  Even now when I share this particular healing testimony with those who are sick, a real faith connection is made in their lives when we pray for healing.
  • I’ve put a lot of thought into what God did in my life.  My faith was surely tested, and I learned so much about faith during this affliction.  I learned that faith believes what it can’t see.  Faith is stubborn.  Healing isn’t earned, bought, or deserved, but it is a full expression of Jesus’ unfathomable love.  And healing is for everyone who asks, it is truly “the children’s bread”.
  • The great struggle is to grasp that God always heals.  Hence the reference by Jesus in the Lord’s Prayer “…in earth, as it is in heaven”.  I give credit to cousin Bob Friebel for explaining this verse.  He states that God has already provided for healing through the stripes of Jesus’ beating, the healing provision is complete.  Our end of the healing transaction is to have faith, and that through that faith healing is delivered to this earth as it already is provided for in heaven.
  • So, I can state that, for me, healing is real, it is for today, and that I’ve prayed for people who have been healed of diseases ranging from terminal cancer to withered limbs. Scripture indicates that the apostles continued the healing ministry of Jesus.  The Great Commission at the end of Mark 16 indicates that we, generally as Christians, are to heal the sick in Jesus name.  Healing is not reserved for any particular church office or sacrament.  Christians can heal the sick through the prayer of faith any time, anywhere.
  • There are those who disagree with the concept of healing in today’s time.  To them I would simply state this.  The healing I have experienced both personally and in those I have prayed for is a Biblically based concept.  No one ever came to Jesus, or any eventual followers of Christ, and asked to be made sick.  They always asked for healing, and they were always healed.  In the Bible, sickness was never put on anybody to prove their faith. Sickness is not what God gives us.  It is not “our cross”.  It is an evil perpetrated on our bodies by Satan, who is our enemy.  Healing is good and surely from God.  Healing reflects God’s nature of restoration, resurrection, and blessing.
  • Now, I’m not going to trade in my eyesight to fulfill someone’s idea that “healing is not for today”.  I can state, clearly and upon a Biblical basis, that healing is real, that it is for today, and that anyone can pray and ask the Father in Jesus name, with the Holy Spirit accomplishing God’s Word of healing. 
  • So get ahold of the Scriptural promises for healing.  Look up “Jesus healing” on the internet, do a concordance study, stir up your faith with Bible study and prayer.  If you’re sick, email me your phone number and we’ll make contact for prayer.  Consider a fast to seek God’s face concerning your, or someone else’s, illness.
  • Finally, don’t ever let anyone create doubt concerning the healing Jesus PROMISED us in His Word.  Healing is for you, today, now.  Simply ask the Father in Jesus name to heal you.  Hold on to His promise, faith it through, and it will become “…in earth, as it is in heaven”.

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